The Perfect Smokey Eye

Smokey Eyes Smokey eyes is one of the most popular eye make up look but can be difficult to create without it looking too dark. Much like the little black dress the smokey eye will never go out of fashion just ask Kim K or Kirsten Stewart who you will see with a smokey eye more often than not so its something you should practice to perfection. Here are  a few simple steps to help you to get the smokey look without turning yourself into a panda.

Step one: Apply primer to your eyelid and under your eyes to stop your smokey eye travelling into the fine lines on your eyelid.

Step two: When your eyes are a little too dark underneath it can ruin the look of your smokey eye so make sure you use a good concealer to cover these imperfections.

Step three: With a brush or a sponge applicator apply a light base colour eye shadow on the lid and above the socket crease. Blend out towards the eyebrow.

Step Four: Using a slightly darker eye shadow apply along the base of the lid above the eye lashes and into the crease of your eye socket curving around the outer corner.

Step Five: Now using the darkest eye shadow colour and apply it with and angled brush along the very edge of the lash and across the outer corner of the eye lid

Step Six: Using a softer brush than before blend out all three eye shadow colours until the edges of each colour are no longer visible.

Step Seven: Now apply eyeliner to your bottom and top lash line. Then add a few coats of mascara.

Step Eight: To finish off your smokey eye use highlighter to open up your eye area as alot of darkness around the eyes can make them appear smaller.

Follow these steps and you will never have to worry about the smokey eye look again!!

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