The Best Cosmetic Brands

For most of us unless your passion is make up it is likely you do not even know where to start when looking at cosmetic brands. There are so many different brands out there all claiming that their products are the best so who do you go for? I know a lot of us will think that the more expensive the brand is the better the products. This is not always the case as some of the cheaper brands are giving the expensive brands a run for their money. Everyone is always going to have different ideas on who is best but here we give you a list of the best brands in our opinion:

Number one: MAC. MAC in our opinion can do no wrong when it comes to make up. With top quality products at affordable prices you will always find what you need at a Mac counter. Not only are the products amazing but MAC refuse to test on animals which is a massive bonus in our eyes as we know a lot of the big make up brands have not moved away from this just yet.

Number two: Anastasia Beverly Hills. We can say that in our opinion Anastasia Beverly Hills sells hands down one of the best brow fillers on the market. Their Dipbrow is a phenomenal product! From eyes to lips to face you are bound to find a product at an affordable price to suit you. If you love highlighter take a look at their moonchild glow kit.

Number three: Bobbi Brown. Bobbi Brown are a company that want to celebrate you looking like you. They want to encourage people to love their imperfections which in our eyes is the perfect attitude. Not only do they sell cosmetics but an excellent range of brushes to ensure your putting your make up on perfect! They also have an amazing skin care range to help you to look after one of the most important parts of your body.

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